The Ultimate All-Star Interactive Luncheon puts Veags UNCORK'D guests into the kitchen as they cook along side renown Chefs of the ENCORE and WYNN

Vegas UNCORK'D gave guests a chance to step into the kitchen and play sous-chef to an all-star lineup of Wynn Las Vegas and Encore chefs at this incredible interactive luncheon. They assisted in preparing decadent meals with personal instruction from acclaimed chefs Paul Bartolotta, Alex Stratta and David Walzog.

After all the hard work we sat back and enjoyed a sweet ending prepared by Pastry Chef Frédéric Robert. Hosted by Bon Appétit Editor-In-Chief Barbara Fairchild.

One of our favorite events of the Vegas Uncorked series is the Ultimate All-Star interactive luncheon at the Encore Hotel. Here guests have the amazing task of cooking lunch with some of the best Chefs in Las Vegas

As we entered the elegantly decorated ballroom, everything was perfectly in place to aid us in creating some lovely dishes while following along with the awarding winning chefs from the Encore and Wynn Hotels. Guest were seated at tables that represented each restaurant at the hotels.

We were seated with several other guests at a table that represented SW steakhouse. Chef David Walzog would join other master chefs on stage as they prepared the dishes while guests followed along on the giant screens. At our table we had all the help we needed from the restaurant’s Sous Chef. All the ingredients are prepared beforehand, so a guest can put on an apron and join in without worrying about a thing. Paying attention , listening to the instructions and cooking alongside the Sous Chef were the requirements to putting together a marvelous lunch. Because there were several courses to cover, each guest was given the opportunity to cook if they wanted to join in with the fun and festivities.

There were a few who chose to watch, but for us, the more involved we were in the process the better we enjoyed ourselves. Learning by doing is always much more valuable than mere viewing. We were eager active participants.

Our first course was a steak tartare. Only the best and freshest ingredients were provided all ready measured and ready to prepare. An eager volunteer stepped up to the challenge,put on her gloves and was ready for a culinary adventure.

While we watched chef David Walzog of SW steakhouse prepare the dish on stage, our volunteer worked with our Sous Chef to prepare the same dish. The result was a delectable beef tartare, delicately seasoned and flavored with shallots, capers, parsley, black onion seeds, and Aleppo pepper.

We were given the second course of Sweet Pea Risotto with Wild Mushrooms. This recipe was executed by Alex Stratta on stage. This is a wonderful dish that is served at elegant Alex restaurant. Cooking this creamy , perfectly cooked risotto took some time and effort but with the help of experts we had no problem completing the dish, and serving it to our eager guests

As we stood next to the Sous chef, we had no fear of mistakes, we followed along and the end result was a cool green risotto, with a garish of garlic chips. This dish was a favorite of ours, but we are somewhat biased.

The last course was the most complex of all but we were amazed at how really simple this dish was to prepare. The entertaining and engaging Chef Paul Bartolotta demonstrated the Pesce In Crostate Di Sale Profumato, in other words, Whole Fish Cooked in Aromatic Sea Salt Crust.

When we first entered the ballroom in the front of the stage was a large container of ice with the freshest of sea food. Each table was given a fresh fish to cook.

The cleaned fish was stuffed with orange slices, and fennel leaves, and the salt mixture thoroughly applied. Our whole fish was then taken to the oven and cooked for 30 minutes. When the fish returned the salt crust was gently wiped away and Chef Paul demonstrated how to debone the fish with one graceful movement.

Our volunteer was not as successful, but with the help of the Sous Chef, the bones were removed and the fish was plated.

The fish was light and delicate, infused with citrus and a very delicate licorice taste. The mystique of cooking a whole fish was not a mystery any more, thanks to Chef Paul and his amazing staff.
The Ultimate All-Star luncheon was winding down with amazing pastries from and coffees. We were educated, entertained and ate in a manner that any epicurean would be envious and proud of. Being one of the most well liked of the Vegas Uncorked events, tickets sell out quickly. Next year make your reservation for this event early and you will and your guests will be coming back again and again.

Join Elaine and Scott of The CUISINEIST as we take you on a culinary experience in the kitchen with three renown Chefs .