Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Downtown Summerlin Lunch Offerings Have Just Been Elevated As Andiron Steak & Sea Opens Its Doors For a New Weekday Menu.


From the time Andiron opened we waited with anticipation for a hip happy hour. That came to fruition very quickly. Next on our wish list was a classic brunch with the flair that only Chef Kim Canteenwalla could provide. Our brunch dreams became a reality as well and we were certainly not disappointed. The only other item on our list to check off was lunch. Most, if not all of the dining venues in Downtown Summerlin have been open for lunch from the very beginning. The only exception was Andiron. We were very pleased and excited to literally be one of the first patrons through the door as Andiron finally opened its doors for lunch and once again we were exceptionally pleased.

Taking our seats we scanned the menu and found some very exciting offerings. Appetizers include avocado toast, heirloom tomatoes, crispy calamari, soups and salads. Sandwiches like the Andiron BLT. A beautiful combination of maple-glazed thick-cut bacon, lemon aioli, crisp greens, and heirloom tomato is a light way to have lunch. 

 Sweet Corn Soup with lump crab.

For those who want a little more, try the Fried Chicken & Blue Cheese Waffle with roasted peaches, hot honey and arugula. If you’re feeling carnivorous, try the Steak Sandwich consisting of perfectly marinated filet tips, charred sourdough, spicy corn & tomato relish. Don’t forget to take a look at the English-Style Beer Battered Fish & Chips that comes with spicy slaw, pickles, old bay tartar sauce or Steak Frites. If you have a big appetite, the entrees, Prime Dry-Aged Rib Eye and The Old Fashioned Burger should be just the right thing to satisfy your hunger.

Chopped Salad with romaine, avocado, radish, heart of palm, aged cheddar, hemp seeds, tarragon & white balsamic vinaigrette.

 For many years, Summerlin has been a place to power lunch. Andiron provides a perfect venue for a quick power lunch with a choice of caesar salad, gem salad or soup; roasted chicken or petit filet served with seasonal vegetables, and crème brulee donuts for dessert served all on the same plate. Its quick, easy and Andiron classic tasty.

Roasted Organic Turkey sandwich with avocado, arugula, cranberry jam and horseradish


On our first visit we settled in for a couple libations and started with a rich, Sweet Corn Soup with lump crab. Our second course was a fresh Chopped Salad with romaine, avocado, radish, heart of palm, aged cheddar, hemp seeds, tarragon & white balsamic vinaigrette. We finished our first luncheon excursion with a stacked Roasted Organic Turkey sandwich with avocado, arugula, cranberry jam and horseradish for a little extra kick. We already know this first experience is only the beginning and will explore many if not all of their menu options on future visits. Don’t miss out on this new, sure to be a lunch time hit available Monday – Friday 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Give a Hoot and Visit OWL in Las Vegas. You Wont Be Disappoitnted.

OWL Las Vegas gives a hoot about locals and tourist alike.

Many try to make it in the Las Vegas food and beverage scene but sadly, many don’t. What does it take to stand out in a city full of culinary choices for every palate and paycheck? Owner Stephan Galdau and Chef David Schneider have taken the challenge on creating a true locals hangout and are pouring their knowledge, expertise and hearts into the endeavor.

Passion and almost possession like drive have Stephan Galdau spending 18 hours a day in shaping a convivial atmosphere where the first thought that he wants coming to your mind when thermometer reaches triple digits is to hop, fly or Uber your way over to OWL to sip a cool brew and have a bite from a menu that Chef Daniel has created to please both carnivore and vegan alike.
“I want to create dishes that are fresh, innovative, and are supported by the best ingredients that I can source, including vegan options,” said Chef Daniel Schneider.

Chef’s creativity in crafting an “egg” with the taste and texture to please every type of diner is clearly seen in the”Vegan Deviled Eggs”. Some other menu highlights are the “Nocturnal Burger” a blend of lamb, grass-feed ground beef, and pork fat topped with watercress and juniper pickled onions and the “Dixie Land Delight” which is perfectly prepared chicken dinner that includes greens, mashed potatoes, and a piece of homemade pecan pie to satisfy your late night sweet tooth.

Walking into the large-warehouse type space with plenty of seating and very plain indigo blue walls seemed a bit stark but soon the walls will be adorned with local art that gives Las Vegas artists the ability to display, sell and keep 90% oftheir own profits with the 10% being matched by Galdau in supporting local arts education programs.

His open mike night provides local comedians and performers a place to share their jokes and music. Galdau’s heart for the community can felt in the eclectic mix of music playing and lack of gaming which gives patrons the incentive to mix, mingle, drink, and dine and most importantly have a great time.

OWL keeps the taps flowing and the drafts doling with 24 taps dedicated to Nevada producers, including Tonopah Brewing Co. and Joseph James, plus 120 beers in cans and bottles. The beers are cold and handcrafted cocktails such as the Owl Margarita or the Owl Fashioned are standards with a wise twist of ingredients, giving liquid refreshment on the hottest of Vegas nights. Locals and tourists are showing up to beat the heat with a hoot and a holler out to friends to join them at OWL.

Mr Chow Opens In Caesars Palace In Las Vegas With a Flare For Chineese Fine Dining.

 The iconic MR CHOW is finding a warm welcome among the culinary champions of Caesars Palace Las Vegas restaurant row. “Las Vegas is a contemporary phenomenon, one of the world’s great cities,” said founder Michael Chow. “Las Vegas and MR CHOW have always been a natural fit and we’ve been flirting with Las Vegas for decades. With Caesars Palace, another classic and iconic name, we have finally found a home.” 
Entering through a set of private elevators, the doors open to a venue that is quite impressive to say the least. It comfortably seats more than 250 guests including two private rooms and terrace overlooking the breathtaking Garden of the Gods pool oasis.

MR CHOW wastes no time to impress from the moment you are seated. An early highlight of the experience is the famous MR CHOW champagne trolley featuring a selection of premium champagnes to get you bubbling over with excitement.

Look up and be in awe of the one-of-a-kind, 3,000-pound kinetic art piece called “The Moon”, commissioned by TAIT Towers, the company behind Omnia’s incredible chandelier. Keep your eyes on this incredible piece of art as it entertains you throughout your dining experience. The 26-foot diameter sculpture descends every 30 minutes and turns ultraviolet, transforming the restaurant into dinner theater in the round. 

In China, meals are a social experience served family style with friends, family and guests. This is exactly what one can expect an experience with a menu that will please everyone in your dining party.

The celebrity dish on the menu is famously prepared Beijing duck that is known as a staple in the MR CHOW dining empire, but there is more, so much more. Original recipes, freshest ingredients bring on aromas that fill the restaurant with aromatic delight and eye catching plating that will whet any appetite. 

Let your dining Capitan guide you on a journey through a plethora of textures and flavors from mild to spicy, creating a piece of gastronomic artistry for a memorable meal. Enjoy the flavorful chicken satay, MR CHOW noodles, and ma mignon just to name a few. 

Another highlight of the experience is the lively tradition demonstrating the original Beijing style of hand pulled noodle making by one of the highly talented skilled pasta chefs. MR CHOW is not just a dining venue but a culinary experience in the glass, on the plate, on your palate and a treat for your eyes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bottiglia and Brioche, begin their culinary debut in Las Vegas.

The restaurant offerings in Las Vegas, just got more interesting with the addition of Brioche, and Bottiglia.

Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Las Vegas has yet one more reason to enjoy their world class amenities. Brand new to the dining options is Bottiglia Cucina&Enoteca Restaurant.  Opening night Bottiglia was abuzz with excitement as they served their first hungry and curious guests. 

 The bright décor with floral patterns, airy open spaces and white washed and turquoise accents, made us think of a South Beach venue, but with a desert background. Plenty of patio seating and large retractable doors to enhance the el fresco dining experience with flair and finesse.

The best way to start is a specialty cocktail from award winning Mixologist Celeste. For the oenephiles, there is a bountiful wine list featuring a nice mix of old and new world delights. Gastronomically, Chef Brian Massie has created a Italian focused menu that is sure to please.

 The Gnocchi is a perfect way to kick this off. Halibut with fresh vegetables provides an excellent follow up to the Gnocchi. Fresh Lobster with pasta cooked to perfection is a personal favorite. Save room for a plethora of sweet delights, including the classic tiramisu with a modern take served in a mason jar to finish your experience just right. When at Green Valley Ranch don’t pass up this new exciting new venue.

Brioche is a pastry of French origin that is similar to highly enriched bread, and whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb.

Enjoy a world class taste of this classic pastry at the renowned Caesars Palace Resort created by Michelin Star Chef Guy Savoy. His newest venue of excellence, Brioche, is a quick-service space, similar to his brioche concept in Paris, Goût de Brioche.

Headed up by Restaurant Guy Savoy’s executive pastry chef, Sebastien Polycarpe, you can’t go wrong. Stop in and take way some Brioche either sweet or savory.  Enjoy almond and candied fruit, exotic, Nutella, peanut butter and jelly, and cinnamon. Try a savory option of onion confit, prosciutto and cheese or bacon, cheese, and jalapeno

 Order the Brionini sandwich featuring vegetarian, prosciutto, tomato and cheese, and chicken pesto all made with the signature flaky brioche bun. Sample Coperaco Coffee Co. house blended hot coffee, cappuccino, latte, café au lait, and more. You can even takeaway a split of Champagne to complete this very upscale Brioche experience.