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Baton Rouge Offers 300 Years of History With A Modern Touch To Explore and Enjoy.

Louisiana has centuries of rich history that can be found with every turn around the bayou. When most think of Louisiana, New Orleans is the first name that often comes to mind. Three hundred years of unique mingling of language, culinary arts and culture make it stand out to many who have enjoyed Bourbon and Frenchman street on more that one occasion. 

But… west of New Orleans Baton Rouge Louisiana’s “Capital City” is the true hub of the Cajun state; centrally located, within an hour drive away from New Orleans and Lafayette. It is the consummate city in exploring the eclectic culture of Louisiana. Nicknamed the “Red Stick,” from Baton Rouge in French, it all began in 1699. French explorer Iberville was traveling up the Mississippi River and saw a bloodied, red pole on the shore. The "red stick" was marking the boundaries between hunting grounds of two Native American tribes. He named the location le bâton rouge, or the red stick and thus the rest is history, both French and…

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