Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Culinary Conversation with Chef Wolfgang Puck over breakfast was a great way to start the day at Vegas UNCORKD

The Bellagio Resort's Fontana Lounge was the early morning venue where guests had a chance to meet a culinary Icon. Having Bloody Mary's , coffee , tea and pastries was a great way to start the day as guests listened to Chef Wolfgang Puck recount his past and his vision for the future.

Vegas Uncorked gives Foodies many opportunities to learn and eat from the best of the culinary world. At this event we had the privilege to share a chair side chat with the iconic Wolfgang Puck. Barbara Fairchild moderated the conversations, asking pertinent questions regarding the culinary career of this amazing Chef. The guests were also given time to ask questions as well.

Wolfgang Puck is an exemplary chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, and visionary. During the morning chat we saw all facets of this extraordinary man. What stood out to was his visionary genius.

He has changed the face of dining by emphasizing using the freshest of ingredients in his signature dishes. The concept of “Farm to Table” blossomed the Wolfgang name into the consciousness of many who now frequented his flagship restaurant, Spago, in West Hollywood. By utilizing classic French techniques with Asian influence and superb ingredients, the public fell in love with the high quality of Wolfgang’s dishes. By discovering the family produce farm, Chino farms, the freshest seasonal ingredients have been used in many of his stunning dishes. Even though Wolfgang has expanded to Las Vegas, the seasonal ingredients are still flown in daily for the best possible culinary creations miles away from the California coast. Patrons have embraced the tantalizing taste of year round ingredients and Wolfgang was one of the first to share this concept with the public.

Many of our readers agree that Las Vegas is a culinary destination city, but it was the inspiration of Mr. Puck and his Fine Dining group that opened the world of great chefs into the Las Vegas Market. Mr. Puck stated the road to success in Las Vegas was very difficult at first. Many still equated Vegas with 99 cent shrimp cocktails and endless cheap buffets. Bringing the concept of fine dining was such a foreign concept to many that his first restaurant at Caesars almost closed within the first few months. Thankfully, fortitude to persevere conquered and during the holiday season, patrons realized that here at last was place to enjoy fine dining in one of the finest cities for entertainment. History was made from there, and now the world comes to Las Vegas for the best of both venues.

Wolfgang puck continues to show the world the genius of vision. He name is associated with great food, wonderful restaurants, high quality restaurant products, and also a beneficiary to many charities. The passion of this man has spilled over onto the American culinary culture and has benefited many with culinary experiences and creating awareness for using only the best products.

Join the Cuisineist chair side with Chef Wolfgang Puck and Barbara Fairchild as partake in a lively and entertaining conversation.

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