Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Venetian/Palazzo and Iron Chef Mario Batali go "Green" and make history

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali celebrated the Green Restaurant™ Association certification of his three restaurants: and Carnevino at The Palazzo and B&B RistoranteEnoteca San Marco at The Venetian by bringing the first-ever Farmer’s Market to The Palazzo. “Bet on the Farm: Sustainable Food and Wine” welcomed local green farmers to The Palazzo. On display were fresh and sustainable produce such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs and bread.

In addition to Chef Batali, Joe Bastianich winemaker and restaurateur was on hand with his bio dynamic wines for the guests to taste along with locally grown sustainable foods.

This event was a first for the Palazzo/Venetian as it was named the world's largest "Green" building in the world. According to the US Green Building Council , the Palazzo is not only the largest certified green building in the world but is over four times bigger than the second-largest. Considering the size of the property this certification was quite a feat. With solar heated pools , plumbing fixtures that use 37% less water and artificial turf, drip irrigation and moisture senors that result in over a 75% reduction in irrigation needs shows the money and labor involved the Palazzo invested in this project.

Chef Mario Batali and Partner Joe Bastianich have created three of the Las Vegas Strip's first certified green restaurants. Carnivino at the Palazzo , B&B Risorante and Enoteca at the Venetian have all been officially certified by the Green Restaurant Association .All three accomplished feats in Recycling and Composting, Paper Conservation, Water Conservation and elimination of bottled water. Now that they are certified, these factors must be maintained on a daily basis and will be checked yearly to keep their certification.

waterfall atrium was the scene of the Many people who visit Nevada assume it is an arid desert and incapable of producing any types of produce. The Palazzo'sPalazzo's first ever Farmers Market. Seven local farmers showed off what southern Nevada can produce. Items such as quail , chicken, duck ,eggs, apricots , peaches , figs , tomatoes , honey ,strawberries , raspberries and blueberries were located throughout the atrium area to sample.

After guests sampled these great local treats , the afternoon was not yet over. To conclude the day , Chef Mario Batali created an exclusive "Green" three course dinner with dishes such as Emerald Lettuce Steak House Wedge with Sweet Garlic and Carne Cruda with " The Farm " quail egg.

In todays world , everyone should do "their part" . After all , we only have one chance and one world to share. The Palazzo/Venetian and Chef Mario Batali are certainly doing theirs and should be commended.

Join The Cuisineist as we take a look at the World's Largest Green Building and walk through a Farmers Market right on the Las Vegas Strip.

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