Momofuku at the Cosmopolitan Resort In Las Vegas Continues to Innovate.

Celebrity Chef David Chang’s Momofuku’s menu featuring noodles, prime rib, fried chicken and caviar and of course steamed buns has been on the culinary cutting edge for years. 

The neon lights of “Peach Bar” beckons guests into the chic modern dining room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the famed Las Vegas strip. Artist David Choe’s five-panel mural immediately grabs diners’ attention with Seve, David Chang’s dog and Rosie, David Choe’s Rottweiler prominently featured.

In June 2017 renown Chef Shaun King took over the reins as Executive Chef. Having worked in some of the finest kitchens in the country, he brings his own brand of creativity to the table. Taking a window seat, we readied ourselves with great anticipation of what was to come. The buzz and energy in the room was contagious as we felt like a unified family of diners from all over the world.

The creative dish of Bigeye Tuna with shaved foie gras and strawberry as well as the perfect combination of King Crab & Melon with basil and lemongrass served as prime dishes to entice and awaken the palate. 

Sharable plates of savory roasted corn, raclette, jalapeño and pepitas combined nicely with grilled asparagus melted miso butter accented with a hint of lemony citrus lending to savory satisfaction.

Momofuku’s Pork Belly Bun glistened with Hoisin, scallion and cucumber setting the tone as the gateway to superlative dishes. Aromas of smoked cedar and lemon signaled the arrival of flawlessly prepared Wild Alaskan King Salmon topped with sunflower. After consuming these thoroughly delightful dishes we were ready for the culinary highpoint! 

In Japan, beef cattle are classified into four categories: Japanese Black, Seed Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn, and Japanese Polled. 

Wagyu Beef with an A5 is the highest grade given only to the finest beef. With that is mind, a divine dish of sizzling A5 Hokkaido Wagyu arrived with rich mushrooms, scallion and just the right touch of garlic soy to our anticipating appetites.

On this evening, as the neon lights glowed against the dimming dark blue sky, we found Momofuku as an outstanding way to pass hours of culinary bliss before a night on the Strip.

 Before we could adjourn to our adventure, a dessert of crack pie® was the consummate way to conclude this meal milestone. Christina Tosi’s  Milk Bar’s crack pie®  is a guest favorite featuring toasted oat crust and a gooey butter filling which can be enjoyed by itself. 

Each bite reminded us of the playful imaginative food that leads to an outstanding culinary journey that King, 

Chang and Tosi and staff have done so exceptionality well and continue to do so night after night.

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