Thursday, June 27, 2013

Second Annual Central Coast Oyster and Music Festival to be held October 19th In Morro Bay

We attended the first event last year and this year looks even better ! In celebration of the world-renowned oysters of Morro Bay, the Central Coast Oyster Festival will be held this year Saturday, October 19th at the beautiful setting on the Morro Bay Golf Course from 12 P.M. to 8 P.M. and ticket go ON SALE JULY 1st, 2013! 

This year Jacqueline  Delaney of SpinCycle Event Installations and Neal Maloney of Morro Bay Oyster Co  have partnered together to continue the further development of amazing festival soon to be the icon for original unique events on the Central Coast. 

  Last year was a huge success with over 4000 in attendance, the LARGEST first year attended event on the Central Coast to date.  This year expected attendance well over 6000 .

A  Larger venue with outstanding design installations, more oyster vendors and ON SITE PARKING, this event will surpass all expectations for attendees.  The Central Coast Oyster Festival will feature a range of amazing oyster preparations, the best wines, brews, exclusive cocktails, and a full lineup of knockout bands to play throughout the day under the most beautiful settings. Jacqueline Delaney’s vision has taken this event to a new level of visual design and thus creating a new level of experience.  “There are so many great wine, food, and entertainment events on the Central Coast that we’ve really concentrated on creating an experience unlike any other to equally highlight entertainment and art right alongside the food and wine experience “  she  said.

 With a view of the Morro Bay Oyster Farm as well as the iconic Morro Rock, the Central Coast Oyster Festival will feature oysters from the Morro Bay Oyster Company, widely recognized as one of the greatest suppliers on the West Coast. Dozens of chefs from across the Central Coast will go head-to-head for the ‘Best Oyster of the Central Coast” Chef Award, and the audience will be invited to taste their sumptuous efforts.


The oysters will, of course, be the main attraction butr other epicurean delights will also be available so plenty for oyster lovers and all others a true foodies dream.  Any good oyster festival needs a shucking competition, and the Central Coast Oyster This festival is no exception. Local shuckers will be invited to demonstrate their speed and skill to a live audience for prizes and the respect of the Central Coast community.

 In addition to the mouthwatering flavors of fresh Morro Bay oysters, the festival will include special features such as whimsical structures from SpinCycle, a locally based event art installation company who first started at Burning Man creating beautiful designs and unique environments within the festival. SpinCycle will work alongside The Do LaB, based out of Los Angeles. The Do LaB is world-renowned for bending reality through interactive environments, event production and creative lighting design. Prominently showcased at such high-profile gatherings as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival.  The Do LaB takes an organic approach to everything they design and create, striving to bring their visions to life with natural materials, found objects and sustainable resources, both a perfect fit for the vision of this one of a kind Central Coast Festival.

Join us again this year to this full day music festival that includes all the amazing local chefs preparing oysters in various ways.  New to this year will be a food stage in addition to the full day music festival stage, where chefs and wineries will entertain your palette.  The Aphrodisiac Lounge will also be back bringing you the most delectable raw oyster bar, sparkling wine, chocolates and cheeses.
 Included in this weekend of events will be an exclusive Abalone Dinner w/ Star Chef Bradley Ogden and a Foodie mini Golf Tournament.

 Tickets for this full-day music festival and foodie experience of all things authentically Central Coast are $24 and includes an earth friendly souvenir water bottle, as we will again be providing FREE water to support our ZERO Waste and GOOD FOR HEALTH event. See you in Morro Bay !
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