Monday, May 16, 2011

The 5th Annual Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit has something for everyone to enjoy from Seminars , Master Series Dinners and after hour delights with renown Chefs

Chef Julian Serrano

Under a cloudless blue sky in front of the world famous Bellagio Resort and a swipe of a sabre by renown Chef Julian Serrano sent Champagne bubbles and Bellagio fountains high into the air as the 5th Vegas Uncork’d began in style.

The first week in May brings this very special event to venues up and down the renowned Las Vegas Strip. We cannot think of another event where you dine with Joel Robuchon enjoy pastries by Francois Payard , Join in a Blackjack Tournament with celebrity Chefs and then hang out after hours in a club with TomColicchio. In addition to the world class culinary delights guests could also enjoy creative cocktails from Mixologists or immerse themselves in wine seminars hosted by one of Las Vegas’s Master Sommeliers.

Chef Mary Sue Milliken

This four Day Culinary adventure started with a welcome by Bon Appetit Editor in Chief Adam Rappoprt and of course Las Vegas’s famous Mayor , the Honorable Oscar Goodman.

After the kick off ceremonies it was off to a choice of 5 Master Series Dinners all over the strip. Guests could have the Ultimate Indulgence with Guy Savoy , enjoy a Locavore Delight with Bradley Ogden , Join the Sinatra Family at their Come Fly with me Dinner , Join Francois Payard in his Elegant Bistro or have a Big night with the RAOs family.

Vegas Uncork'd Launch 2011

For those who wanted more on the first night , After hours with Tom Colicchio at Craftsteak was a nice way to have some late night fun into the early morning hours.

The first full day of events brought a Master Series Luncheon and Chef Showdown with Akira Back and Martin Heierling . They battled and the the guests enjoyed some great dishes from two amazing Chefs. After a very close vote, Chef Akira Back from Yellowtail pulled out the win.

Chef Akira Back and Chef Martin Hierling

The afternoon brought a real education with the first Wine Immersion event with A Chef, a Sommelier and the Cheese Monger. The very informative afternoon continued as we indulged in the old practice of Shabu Shabu dining in the beautiful main dining room of Jasmine with the fountains of the Bellagio right outside the window.

Chef Martin Heierling's Pork Dish
 Many guests joined Master Sommelier Jason Smith and Jean-Marie Auboine for a Wine Immerson that was impressive and educational. As the lights of the strip began to brighten it was off to the Grand Tasting where guests sampled dishes and strolled poolside at Caesars palace amongst many of the world’s best like Pierre Gagnaire , Claude Le-Tohic and Luciano Pellegrini just to name a few . If you could only attend one event over the 4 days , The Vegas Uncork’d Grand Tasting is the one to do. It brings the best in the world to the Garden of the Gods Pool at Casears Palace .

After spending hours enjoying world class dishes , we could not think of a better way to end the day than to head off to the Encore and join the Celebrity Chefs in a Blackjack Tournament that is always very entertaining as these very talented culinary stars “let their hair down” and have some fun .

Chef Guy Savoy

Vegas Uncork’d was running at full speed when the weekend arrived. Could you think of a better way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon than lunch with Joel Robuchon , Spanish delights with Julian Serrano or do as we did and join Michael Mina for his Master Series Luncheon “Run for the Roses” ? We think not! .

Chef Michael Mina

For those in a beach kind of mood ( yes there is a beach in Las Vegas ) , The Better by the Bay event at Mandalay Beach was a great way to sample delights from three of the world’s most celebrated Master Chefs all together . Charlie Palmer, Alain Ducasse and Rick Moonen teamed up to provide a beach party that we will never forget. And for the second night in a row , guests had the option to party into the early morning hours. Renown Chef Hubert Keller who also loves to DJ was spinning tunes at his FLEUR to the delight of the attendees.

A Vegas Uncork’d tradition is a special offering for Mother’s Day. This year Guy Savoy offered a sparkling brunch that would please any mom. For the first time, Master Chef Mary Sue Milliken and her Border Grill team provided a a welcome reception, interactive cooking demo and brunch overlooking Mandalay Beach that was a great way to spend the morning with Mom but also a fitting end to the 5th Vegas Uncork’d.

Chef Zach Allen

Chef Michael Mina's Seared Diver Sea Scallop and Crispy Sweetbreads

We have been fortunate to attend all but the very first Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit . Each year this very special 4 day event featuring the very best food , education , wine and cocktails gets better. There are always new and exciting events being added as well as the Traditional ones that we look forward to every year

Next May, we will be the same place we have been for the last 4 years, enjoying the world’s best at venues that only a city like Las Vegas can provide. The 6th Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit is already marked on our calendar as we look forward to what they have in store for us in 2012 .

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