Thursday, July 15, 2010

Executive Chef Jet Tila creates Pan Asian dishes fit for a Emperor at WAZUZU in the Encore Resort in Las Vegas

Where can you find a true Pan Asian restaurant in a hotel casino in Las Vegas?
Visit Wazuzu at the Encore if you are seeking a true blend of Asian cuisines.

Wazuzu stands for nine dragons. The Dragon is a symbol of the Emperor in China.
When we stepped into this lovely restaurant our eyes were drawn to the 90, ooo Swarovski crystal dragon which adorns the back wall. We felt that we were welcomed into a Chinese palace to have our palates tantalized by the creations of Executive Chef Jet Tila.

With the bright appealing atmosphere and the warm and friendly staff, our time with Chef was off to a great start. Chef Jet started cooking at an early age under the watchful instruction of his Chinese Thai Grandmother.

His father founded the first Thai grocery and Import Company in the United States. He continued his education at the California School of Culinary Arts, honing his skills to become one of the best Asian chefs that we have met.
We were privileged to have an intimate time with Chef Jet, as he personally brought each dish to the table.

We were very interested in trying samples of his fine cuisine. Looking over the menu, we choose a few items, but Chef surprised us with some wonderful creations that he felt “showed off” the pan-Asian style of cooking. We started with a sashimi of yellowtail with caviar and Serrano peppers. The presentation was golden and the appealing to the eyes as well as the tongue.

We savored each delicate bite, then moved on to a curry dish that typified Thai cuisine. The rich curry sauce was bright and creamy with a condiment of perfectly cooked chicken.
We then went on to try several fish dishes that were expertly prepared and the flavors were crisp, savory and left us wanting for more

Roti Panang :
Panang chicken curry with Indian flat bread

Hamachi Chili:

Wild yellowtail sashimi with cilantro, serrano pepper and Yuzu caviar, served with citrus soy and Yuzu mist

Crunch Roll :

Panko crusted shrimp, masago aioli, cucumber and avocado, topped with Japanese rice crackers

Crispy Fish with Thai Herbs :
Crispy Trout Fillet with THAI Herbs , green apple mango yum salad . This dish was mouth watering with the fresh herbs and trout blending perfectly together in concert.

Miso Marinated Black Cod :

Marinated with Miso , ginger and sake

Salt and Pepper Prawns :

Sichuan salt and pepper shelled prawns with a hint
of spice
. This was our favorite dish of the night with large prawns and spice that made this creation a memory that will last for a while.

We had to push ourselves away from the table, but desserts were still waiting for us. The most interesting was a true Singapore Street Food dish of red beans, candied pineapple, lychee with ice cream on top of crushed ice. We also had a Roi with ice cream and caramel sauce

With our palates satisfied, and our stomachs very full, we were ready to say good bye to our most gracious host. The memories of the meal will last long after the last sip of our jasmine tea. Our admiration for Chef Tila’s artful and splendid Pan-Asian cuisine will also hold a special place within our culinary travels. We felt that we had been blessed by the lucky crystal dragon of Wazuzu for having a meal fit for an Emperor.

Executive Chef Jet Tila is a rising Star in Las Vegas and will continue to show us imaginative dishes from his kitchen. For for more on this Amazing Chef watch for his upcoming TV show Chasing the Yum and of course you can visit him at

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