Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thomas Keller's Buchon Bakery gets in the Holiday Spirit

Chef Thomas Keller and his Bouchon Bakery get us all in to the Holiday Spirit with some very special treats.

It does not get any better than dinning at any of Chef Thomas Keller's renowned restaurants. But , we must not leave out another big name in his culinary arsenal, Bouchon Bakery .

Chef Keller has some great treats for the Holiday season that can only make our mouths water !
  • Bat TKO’s – A Bouchon Bakery Halloween favorite; crisp, bat-shaped chocolate cookies filled with sweet white chocolate ganache; $3.25 each

  • Pumpkin Brittle – This classic brittle is fused with pumpkin seeds to highlight the flavors of the season; $5.50 per bag

  • Halloween Cupcakes – Bouchon Bakery’s classic cupcakes festively decorated for Halloween; $3.50 each

  • Pumpkin Shortbread Cookies – Homemade shortbread cookies festively shaped into pumpkins and glazed with fondant
    • Available for $3.25 each
    • Also available in packages, including pumpkin, cat and ghost cookies for $6.50

Orange and Chocolate Rice Krispy Treat – a classic treat reinvented for the holiday; $3 each

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